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Space, the final frontier. Mankind’s greatest space captains contain Kirk and Picard, and perhaps the Toretto name go down in history alongside them. Dom might be one among the best drivers the whole world has known, but can he browse the coldest deepest reaches of space? It’s not likely just a situation any space company would signoff in real life, but this is Fast & Furious. Get the team a helmet and fly them to the moon!

No one will dispute the Fast & Furious movies are”thrilling,” but not one of them really qualifies to the thriller genre. Let’s have a picture at which a criminal master mind is targeting the crew’s former and current collaborators, and also keep it a mystery within a bulk of this movie who’s supporting it all. Bonus points when the twist is that it’s actually one of many team orchestrating the whole deal. Who’d imagine Roman is in fact a theif?

The Fast And Furious

I sure hope so, of course, should Fast & Furious is prepared to dabble in the superhero genre by incorporating superhuman abilities and that, what else could they do? Let us just say things can get very interesting if Universal is willing to pull on the trigger, and audiences are willing to join board for the crazy guidelines and genres this franchise might dip right into.

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Despite the fact this, they bend the responsibility of setting things back to normal and roam the wastelands seeking people to help however they could. Ostensibly, think of what a mash up between Mad Max and The Quick & Furious are, which is the picture. This crew will be kings at a scenario such as, and might use their team chemistry and comprehension of cars are the ultimate heroes a lost world will need.
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Ok, maybe that is not the very best twist, but Fast & Furious films could benefit from having just somewhat more puzzle. Whether this franchise committed to even half the total amount of effort towards picture that it devotes to actions sequences, I truly believe they could make a film that would surpass Avatar’s box-office album. Ambitious? Perhaps, but with Furious 7 along with The Fate of the Furious in the major 20 highest-grossing films, it isn’t crazy to think it’s possible.

Thus, bear in mind that whole joke about the Toretto family being contained of alpha dudes proficient at executing out HighStakes assignments? Imagine if this was actually canon, and Dom has some ancestor who led a team of outlaws from the old West? Whatif train heist from Rapid Five has been a mad type of hereditary muscle-memory he inherited by his great-great-great-great grandfather? It’s somewhat silly, but a much better option than him going back over time in an auto.

Together with Hobbs & Shaw officially bringing super powers into the Fast & Furious world, that the super-successful franchise is now slowly spreading its wings and redefining what sometimes happens in its picture world. It is exciting stuff, particularly when a person acknowledges that Quick & Furious has regularly skated on the border of reality at times anyway. Could this be the very first baby step in to the pictures going fulltilt with out there theories?


Just work the horse angle, and expect there’s an untapped market of”horse chicks” who appreciate high value stallions appearing on the silver screen. The rest will work out, probably.

For a plausible plot point, perhaps some villain the Fast & Furious team is familiar with has taken good care of the International Space Station, and it’s up to the team to set their wicked misdeeds into a conclusion. This picture is only half for the storyline, and more for its fantastic reduced gravity stunts that would surely be implemented. Let us view a car do a few sticks in slowmotion over a moon crater, or even a car reenter the Earth’s atmosphere!

Mad Max

It may be, and much like Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse has been a hit Sony, an animated Fast & Furious film has some potential. Even the stunts might be wilder, the narrative more spectacular and also the visuals kid-friendly. Maybe Tony can also follow in Dom’s footsteps and be a box office juggernaut? I am hoping therefore we want more entries within the action genre for all kids’ movies.

Imagine this. Hobbs, Dom, Shaw and every one else are about a mission to avoid a nuclear attack from happening, although despite their epic track record, they neglect and the world descends into insanity. They’re all fine because their cars were fitted using atomic resistant protecting for the assignment, however their lifestyles was permanently altered as the planet they knew has gone to waste.
Plus, just imagine how cool it would be to find a bunch of concept cars? We can also approach the age-old question of whether or not a robot can drift better than a human! Consider the possibilities , people.

For all those unaware, the Fast & Furious franchise is exploring this genre. Perhaps not at the area of picture, actually, but with Netflix in an upcoming series titled Fast & Furious: Spy Racers. That series will accompany Dom’s cousin Tony Torretto, since he leads a youthful crew on the mission to infiltrate a legal association. What, is this just a family business today?

Picture a Fast & Furious film set from the near future, or at a age where technology is much beyond what it currently is. What will street racing look like then? What type of weapons would be utilized? Could teams of elite racers and hackers become the main defense force of states? Given the success rate of this crew, it wouldn’t be that surprising if more states begun to be aware and found their very own racers.
There is so many genres that the Fast & Furious franchise could slip right into, but for the time being, we have Hobbs & Shaw heading to theatres Friday, August 2, and Fast and Furious 9 on the way. Got an idea for the treasured franchise? Drop it down from the comments below and be sure to stay to CinemaBlend to all the latest in movies and television news.


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